Know Us

ABLE GLASS manufactures its own glassware to precise specifications. Each glassware design is engineered to fit into its respective instrument. Optimization of space, function, handling, service connections, cleaning, and ease of use are all important elements of the design. Our glassware is extremely durable, using heavier wall construction and quality ground glass joints for better fit and reduced leakage. ABLE GLASS tests each of its designs in their respective instruments to ensure proper operation both physically and chemically. We warranty our glassware against defects in materials and construction. We also warrant all glass items against breakage for delivery to the customer with in local limits.

Our engineering departments will gladly discuss any design change to meet your specific needs. Most items are stocked and readily available.

ABLE GLASS does not have any resale agreements with outside vendors and has not endorsed any other vendors products for use in our equipment. If it does not have the ABLE GLASS logo, then it was not designed for use in our equipment.

We can give you personal attension in every transaction, we conduct the business on the principles that have always characterized our firm and we would like to lay stress upon our guarantee of complete satisfaction.

We would greatly appreciate an opportunity of proving our above statements to you. Until we have the pleasure of serving you, we can do no more than give you assurance that we shall fulfill your objects in every way it is possible.